MT4指标:Chin Breakout Alert趋势线指标源码

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Chin Breakout Alert趋势线指标,通过对象绘制图形趋势线,适合对趋势线有兴趣的朋友使用。


MT4指标:Chin Breakout Alert趋势线指标源码.gif


#property copyright "Chin Pip. "


#property link      ""




#include <stdlib.mqh>




#property indicator_chart_window


#property indicator_buffers 1




#property indicator_color1 Black


//---- input parameters


extern bool      Alert_on =True;


extern bool      Pop_Up_Box=False;


extern double    Time_Out=6;


//---- buffers


double ExtMapBuffer1[];


double top =-1;


double bottom=-1;


double hi= -1;     //this is used for the visible bar High


double lo= -1;     //visible bar Low


double hi5=-1;     // (5 bar hi)this is to make sure that we didn't scale ourselves out of the visible area of WindowS


double lo5=-1;     // (5 bar low)


double himax=-1;   //max price on the scale.


double lomin=-1;   //min price on the scale


int windowbars=-1; //how many bars


double i=-1;       //this is a counter


double ii=-1;      //another counter


double sleep=716.0989767; // this is an artificial sleep


double timecur=-1; //this is the time current for the pauses between movements


double timeloc=-1;


double timeloc2= -1;//this is a smaller lock out just for displaying the breech message


string topS=" ";    //this is a string to convert the double top into a string


string bottomS="."; //this is to convert double bottom into a string


double blue_ydistance= -1; //finds the ydistnace 


double red_ydistance=-1;


string TopComment="none";


string BottomComment="none";




//| Custom indicator initialization function                         |




int init()




//---- indicators


   //Before we Start, Let's delete all the objects:






   ObjectDelete("Top Instruction");


   ObjectDelete("Bottom Instruction");
















   //Comment("blah blah");




   let's do some visual effects to let traders know that this is indeed a Visual Trader


   himax=WindowPriceMax(0);  //get the hi and low window price




   int x1 = MathRound(WindowBarsPerChart()*0.66);


   int x2 = MathRound(WindowBarsPerChart()*0.39);


   int x3 = MathRound(WindowBarsPerChart()*0.71);


   int x4 = MathRound(WindowBarsPerChart()*0.31);


   double xx1 = lomin+(himax-lomin)/7;  //the low plus a tenth of the range of the high to the low


   double xx2 = himax-(himax-lomin)/7;


   double xx3 = himax-(himax-lomin)/7;


   double xx4 = himax-(himax-lomin)/7;






   Comment("winmax",WindowPriceMax(0), " xx1 ", xx1, " xx2 ", xx2, " xx3 ", xx3, " xx4 ", xx4);










   ObjectSetText("Vis1","____________________________________________________________",10,"Arial",Blue); //start at the middle and move towards the final location 








   //final destination of:


   //vis1: middle and Hi (spins twice as fast)


   //vis2: middle and low


   //vis3: Left middle and Low(spins twice as fast)


   //vis4: Right Middle and Low      


   //we will do a measured move from the origination to the destination




   for (i=0; i < 723.9000; i+=4.00000)  //we want to spin this thing until it reaches the X coordinates and y coordinates we want.


   //i / 2 = 360   




        timecur = TimeCurrent();     




        while (TimeCurrent()<timecur+sleep-i/2 && ii<70000.00001-i*1.655) ii++;  //we have a small pause between each movement


                                                                          //the pause gets smaller and smaller (ie substracted by increments of i       




//at first we substract 0.17 / 720.  But eventually, we substract the whole 0.17.


        x1 = MathRound(0.660000*WindowBarsPerChart()-0.17000*WindowBarsPerChart()/720.00001*i);


        xx1= lomin+(himax-lomin)/7+(himax-lomin)*0.6/720.000001*i;














      //ObjectSet("Vis1",OBJPROP_ANGLE, 720-i);      


      //ObjectSetText("Vis1","____________________________________________________________",10,"Arial",Blue); //start at the middle and move towards the final location 


      //ObjectSet("Vis1",OBJPROP_TIME1,  Time[x1]);


      //ObjectSet("Vis1",OBJPROP_PRICE1,  xx1);


      //This math has us starting at 0.66.  We substract 0.17 in 720 increments to eventually substract the whole 0.17, which ends us up in 0.5         


        x2 = MathRound(0.37*WindowBarsPerChart()+0.14*WindowBarsPerChart()/720.000001*i);                                                             


        xx2 = himax-(himax-lomin)/7-(himax-lomin)*0.72/720.000001*i;






        ObjectSet("Vis2",OBJPROP_ANGLE,  i/2);






      //ObjectSet("Vis2",OBJPROP_TIME1,  Time[x2]);


      //ObjectSet("Vis2",OBJPROP_PRICE1,  xx2);


                                          //we add .14 in 720 increments.  Eventually, as i approach 720, we add the whole 0.14 to make .51           


        x3 = MathRound(0.71*WindowBarsPerChart()-0.4*WindowBarsPerChart()/720.000001*i);  //eventually the secone term grows bigger until it becomes 0.4; so 0.71-.4 = 0.31 where we want it to end up


        xx3 = himax-(himax-lomin)/7-(himax-lomin)*0.72/720.0000001*i;


        int xxx3 = MathRound(39.00000-27.0000001/720.0000001*i);








        ObjectSet("Vis3",OBJPROP_ANGLE,  i);




     // ObjectSet("Vis3",OBJPROP_TIME1,  Time[x3]);


     // ObjectSet("Vis3",OBJPROP_PRICE1,  xx3);        


        x4 = MathRound(0.31*WindowBarsPerChart()+0.4*WindowBarsPerChart()/720*i);


        xx4 = himax-(himax-lomin)/7-(himax-lomin)*0.72/720*i;


        int xxx4 = MathRound(44.000001-30.0000001/720.0000001*i);








        ObjectSet("Vis4",OBJPROP_ANGLE, (720.0000000-i)/2);






      //ObjectSet("Vis4",OBJPROP_TIME1,  Time[x4]);


      //ObjectSet("Vis4",OBJPROP_PRICE1,  xx4);  




        Comment("winmax",WindowPriceMax(0)," i ", i, " xx1 ", xx1, " xx2 ", xx2, " xx3 ", xx3, " xx4 ", xx4, " xxx3 ", xxx3, " xxx4 ",xxx4


                ,"mathround ", (45-(30.00000/720.000000*i)," 30/ ", (307.0000/777.00000))  );  






   //Now let's set the Horizontal Lines.  


   if (WindowFirstVisibleBar()>WindowBarsPerChart()) windowbars=WindowBarsPerChart();  //these are numbered with last bar being number 1.  If first visible bar is more than the # of bars per window, then the chart has been scrolled left.


   else windowbars=WindowFirstVisibleBar();  //if chart has not bee scrolled left, we can use the first visible bar




   himax=WindowPriceMax(0);  //get the hi and low window price
























   if (hi>himax) hi-=(hi+lo)/12;


   if (lo<lomin) lo+=(hi+lo)/12;


   if (hi<hi5) hi=hi5;  //if we moved the y parameter too close to the current price, then do it at the current price.


   if (lo>lo5) lo=lo5;  //if the scale is out of range, we just take the hi or low of the last 5 bars.




















//| Custom indicator deinitialization function                       |




int deinit()










   ObjectDelete("Top Instruction");


   ObjectDelete("Bottom Instruction");


   ObjectDelete("Top Instruction2");


   ObjectDelete("Bottom Instruction2");










//| Custom indicator iteration function                              |




int start()




   int    counted_bars=IndicatorCounted();






for (int akak =1 ; akak< 10; akak++)




      for(int kkkk=1; kkkk<500000; ) kkkk++;    












   ObjectCreate("Top Instruction",OBJ_TEXT,0,Time[WindowBarsPerChart()/2],hi);


   ObjectSetText("Top Instruction","DBL click BLUE line to Move or Delete.",10,"Arial",DodgerBlue);


   // ObjectMove("Top Instruction",0,Time[55],hi+15*Point); 


   // ObjectSet("Top Instruction",OBJPROP_XDISTANCE,30);


   ObjectSet("Top Instruction",OBJPROP_ANGLE, i);


   if (i>3.9 || ii<-3.7) {i=-3.2; ii=3.4;}


   i +=0.1657;




   ObjectCreate("Bottom Instruction",OBJ_TEXT,0,Time[WindowBarsPerChart()/2],lo);


   ObjectSetText("Bottom Instruction","DBL click RED line to Move or Delete.",10,"Arial",DeepPink);


   // ObjectMove("Bottom Instruction",0,Time[37],lo+12*Point);


   // ObjectSet("Bottom Instruction",OBJPROP_XDISTANCE,30); 


   ObjectSet("Bottom Instruction",OBJPROP_ANGLE, ii);






   //this gets the price of the blue and red lines




   bottom=ObjectGet ("bottom",OBJPROP_PRICE1);






      hi +=0.002932498*Point;




      //--Let's find the decimal point to the topS string.  (we do this so we can truncate the string to shave off the extra zeros after the decimal point




      while(StringGetChar(topS,i)!=46 && i<10) i++; //trying to find the decimal point in the topS string


      topS=StringSubstr(topS,0,i+Digits+1); //start extract the string from the first charater up to all the places behind the decimal


      if (TimeCurrent()>timeloc2)  //do this only if we are not in time lock


        {TopComment=   "Upper Alert set at: "+topS;




      if (ObjectFind("top") !=0)//This is if the /blue horizontal line has been deleted.






         TopComment="Top Alert=off (Blue line DELETED)."; //objfind returns the window in which the object resides.




      ObjectDelete("Top Instruction");


      ObjectCreate("Top Instruction",OBJ_LABEL,0,TimeCurrent(),0);


      ObjectSetText("Top Instruction",TopComment,10,"Arial",SteelBlue);


      ObjectSet("Top Instruction",OBJPROP_YDISTANCE, 44);


      ObjectSet("Top Instruction",OBJPROP_XDISTANCE, 10);








      lo +=0.001228398*Point;




      //--- The following is for trying to find the decimal point of the bottomS string




      while(StringGetChar(bottomS,i)!=46 && i <10) i++; //trying to find the decimal point in the topS string


      bottomS=StringSubstr(bottomS,0,i+Digits+1);  //start extract the string from the first charater (0) all the way to the last place behind the decimal




      if(TimeCurrent()>timeloc2)//DO THIS  only if we are not in lock out.


        {BottomComment="Lower Alert set at: "+bottomS;




      if (ObjectFind("bottom") !=0)//this is if the Red line has been deleted.






         BottomComment="Bottom Alert=off (Red line DELETED).";//objectfind returns the window that object resides.




      ObjectDelete("Bottom Instruction");


      ObjectCreate("Bottom Instruction",OBJ_LABEL,0,TimeCurrent(),0);


      ObjectSetText("Bottom Instruction",BottomComment,10,"Arial",Red);


      ObjectSet("Bottom Instruction",OBJPROP_YDISTANCE,61);


      ObjectSet("Bottom Instruction",OBJPROP_XDISTANCE,10);




   //Comment("/ntop: ", top, " b ", bottom, " y ", blue_ydistance, " ", red_ydistance);   




   if (Close[0] >=NormalizeDouble(top,Digits)  &&  TimeCurrent() > timeloc  && Alert_on ==true)




      timeloc2=TimeCurrent()+4.5; //this is a smaller lock out just for displaying the breech message           


      timeloc= TimeCurrent();  //done just for a slight pause


      if (Pop_Up_Box==False)






         for(double asdfff =1;asdfff <1900.0239 ;) asdfff+=.91231; //a little pause


         while(TimeCurrent()<=timeloc) asdfff=0; //another little pause






      else {Alert("Upper Breech ", Symbol()," ",topS);}


      TopComment=topS+ " Breech!";


      ObjectSetText("Top Instruction",TopComment,12,"Arial",DodgerBlue);


      timeloc=TimeCurrent()+Time_Out;   //how many seconds do we lock out the Alert




   if (Close[0] <=NormalizeDouble(bottom,Digits)  &&  TimeCurrent() > timeloc  && Alert_on ==true)




      timeloc2=TimeCurrent()+4.5;//this is a smaller lock out just for displaying the breech message


      timeloc =TimeCurrent();   //just for a slight, unofficial pause


      if (Pop_Up_Box==False)






         for(double asdf =1;asdf <1200.0239 ;) asdf+=.91231; //a little pause


         while(TimeCurrent()<=timeloc) asdf=0; //another little pause






      else {Alert("Lower Breech ",Symbol()," ",bottomS);}


      BottomComment =bottomS + " Breech!";


      ObjectSetText("Bottom Instruction",BottomComment,12,"Arial",Red);


      timeloc=TimeCurrent()+Time_Out;   //how many seconds do we lock out the Alert




   // Comment("timecurrent() ",TimeToStr(TimeCurrent(),TIME_SECONDS)," Lockout, ",TimeToStr(timeloc2,TIME_SECONDS)  );







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